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  • 30 2019-08
    Pakistan Exhibition Site 2019
    Changsha Borun Mould Co., Ltd is going to attend PLASTI & PACK 2019 exhibition from 27-29 Aug, 2019 in EXPO CENTRE KARACHI,PAKISTAN. Our booth number is Hall 6-157.
  • 11 2019-05
    We are going to attend Chinaplas 2019 exhibition from 21-24. 05. at Guangzhou,China. BORUN booth number is 5.2R65. We warmly welcome your presence in our stand.Thank you.
  • 11 2019-05
    We are going to attend PlastPol 2019 exhibition from 28-31 May at Targi Kielce, Poland. Our booth number is A-154. We warmly welcome your presence in our stand.
  • 07 2018-10
    Welcome to Visit Borun at Fakuma 2018 Exhibition
    We are going to attend Fakuma from 16.–20. October 2018 at Friedrichshafen,Gremany. BORUN booth is FO43-2 in hall FOYER OST. We warmly welcome your presence in our booth. Time:16.–20. October 2018 ADD:Friedrichshafen,Gremany Booth:FO43-2 hall FOYER OST
  • 01 2018-06
    How to prevent the thimble from rusting easily in plastic mould?
    The thimble in the plastic mold is easy to rust when used. At this time, if not treated, the service life of the thimble will be quickly consumed and become less durable. So what should the plastic mold manufacturer do when the thimble rusts? And how to do it right? NITONI changsha borun, a mould and accessories manufacturer, thinks thimble can be rusted: 1. in the production of plastic mould thimble rust is a large part of the reason why injection water, the machine stopped running to close water is not possible, the improper operation is very easy to cause the thimble rust, right way should be shut off water to close the machine, so it can effectively prevent rust. 2. in addition to using nitride thimble, thimble lubricating oil in die casting time, before each downtime, use cleaner after cleaning the mould, spray anti-rust oil (spray) when the thimble ejection, also can reduce the thimble rusty. 3. If the thimble is used correctly, in fact, the thimble will be hard to rust. When the thimble is discontinued, we should also take good measures to preserve the thimble and use anti-rust oil or machine oil for anti-rust treatment. 4. if you are not careful thimble rust, if it is a mild life, can be rust removal by copper wire or sharpening stone processing, but if rust is severe, or change in time new thimble, so that your mold is in go
  • 25 2018-05
    The role of mould parts in injection mould
    In the era of industry 4.0, more and more mold manufacturers have paid attention to mold parts, especially in injection molding, stamping, casting and other fields. A high - quality mold parts, like a set of molding mold of the viscera, they also have a different mission. So, taking injection mold as an example, let's look at the structural composition of injection mold and the role of each part: 1. Molded parts Concave die (cavity) : a concave part forming the surface of a plastic part. Concave plate (cavity plate) : a plate part having a concave outline on the surface of a face shaped plastic part. The part that is placed in the die setting section is called the die setting cavity plate. The part of the moving die placed is called the moving model cavity plate. Core: forming convex parts on the inner surface of plastic parts. Side core: forming part of side hole, side concave or side convex platform of plastic parts, which can be pulled out and reset manually or with sliding block. Insert: when there are parts in the die or core that are easy to be damaged or hard to be processed as a whole, they are made separately from the main part and embedded into the local forming parts of the main part. Movable inserts: according to the requirements of technology and structure, moulding must be carried out together with the plastic parts to separate the for
  • 15 2018-05
    Automobile hardware stamping parts constitute and characteristics
    We know that cars are made up of thousands of stampings during manufacturing.The stamping parts are made of various kinds of metal stamping parts, precision hardware fittings, electronic components and so on. The quality of the stamping parts is very important to the quality of the vehicle, especially for cars and buses.In the manufacture of stamping parts, enabling for large stamping parts with complex space geometry, interior parts, welding artisan run into, or for easy small stamping parts, such as interior parts, more use of professional with the testing jig (fixture) as a matter of detection means, for product quality control procedures.It has the advantages of rapid, accurate, intuitive and convenient, especially suitable for mass production.After the mid-1980s, with the rapid development of the automobile and bus industry, the application of stamping parts in China's automobile industry is quite common. Composition and characteristics of vehicle stamping parts inspection tools. Compared with the hardware processing parts, the detection of automobile stamping parts has the following characteristics: 1. The shape of the workpiece is often complicated and irregular, and it is difficult to locate, support and clamp. 2. The rigidity of the workpiece is generally poor, and it is easy to cause deviation
  • 07 2018-05
    The mould is in the main area of world development
    1. the U.S. In recent years, the us manufacturing industry has fallen into recession, manufacturing industry has shifted to the world, and the development of mould manufacturing industry has also been affected.In 2006, the total revenue of the U.S. special tools, molds and fittings was about $8.29 billion, and the total profit was 24.88%, $2.06 billion.The total value of imports and exports was $1.43 billion, and the major trading countries were: Japan $460m (32.07%);Canada $460 million (32.06%);Germany $130 million (9.39%);Mexico $65 million (4.58%);China's $45 million (3.18%).In 2006, the total import value was $1.01 billion, and the major importers were: Japan's $430 million (42.19%).Canada $2.96 billion (29.18%);Germany $110 million (10.87%);South Korea $36 million;China $30 million (2.93%).In 2006, the total value of exports was $3.87 billion, and the major exporters were Canada $1.6 billion (41.39%).Mexico $62 million (15.99%);UK $25 million (6.46%);Germany $20 million (5.05%);Japan $15 million (3.96 percent).The die and mould industry in the aspect of nc machine tools are strong: because the first car, bearing production requirements, fully developed a large number of large quantities of automatic line for production automation, and electronic and computer technology in the world's leading, so the numerical control machine host a solid design, manufacturing and CNC system, and has always attached importance to scientific research and innovation, so the high performance CNC machine tool technology also has been leading in the world. 2. Germany Germany is one of the earliest engaged in mold manufacturing countries of Europe, after the second world war manufacturing in
  • 28 2018-04
    Krauss Maffei promotes the future of injection molding in a digital manner
    Production efficiency, quality and flexibility are the decisive factors driving the progress of plastics processing enterprises in the process of the fourth industrial revolution, and ultimately determine their profitability and competitiveness.In Shanghai in 2018 China international exhibition on the rubber and plastic (April 27th April 24 solstice, 2 hall, T01 booth), KraussMaffei will demonstrate the injection molding process of innovation and technology as well as the leading industry in the future 4.0 solution, the customer can use them to optimize production sustainable. Best use of industry 4.0 potential. "Industry 4.0 is an important topic of concern for our Chinese customers.The cause of industry 4.0 certainly includes rising wages, or expectations of full records and tracking in the automotive industry.For us, this is a good chance will itself as a high quality manufacturer, because 4.0 requires not only the first-class industrial machine, also need the excellence performance of automation equipment, control system or interface ", KraussMaffei load J (China) injection molding machine sales vice President?Rg Wittgrebe said. KraussMaffei includes its industry 4.0 solution in its brand Plastics 4.0.These include the automatic optimization of intelligent machine functions, the entire production process for seamless collection of data and networking of reliable t
  • 27 2018-04
    Injection-molding tool parts failure guide post damage
    The injection mold has six major systems, and the guiding system is to ensure that the dynamic and fixed modes can be set accurately in the mold, and the guide parts must be set in the mold.In the injection mold, four sets of guideposts and guide sleeve are usually used to form the guide parts. In some cases, the inner and outer cone of each other can be set up to assist the positioning. The guide pillar plays a leading role in the mould, so as to ensure that the forming surface of the core and cavity is not mutually touching in any case, and the guide column can not be used as the force part or positioning piece.What about the damage of the guide post in the process of using the injection mold to process the parts?According to changsha borun, it is necessary to work hard to solve the problem of the guide column injury, and it is necessary to work on the design of the injection mold to achieve a lasting effect. The injection mold factory should make a set of high quality injection mold to understand each mold design, manufacturing, molding every detail, understand the use of each part in the mold.Clear guide pillar play a major role in injection mold, understand the harm done by the guide pillar damage on the moulds, will be better in the subs
  • 20 2018-04
    Japan Osaka mold technology exhibition INTERMOLD
    Japan has about 35 percent of the world's mold production capacity, ranking first in the world and exporting a large number of molds to foreign countries every year.April 18, 2018 to April 21, 2018, Japanese INTERMOLD mould technology held in Osaka, Japan, as mould partsmanufacturer and supplier in China, changsha borun embellish led by general manager Mr NiXiuHeng organization team took part in the international large-scale exhibitions, below small make up and Japan INTERMOLD 2018 introduced the main scope of exhibits: 1. Introduction of Japan INTERMOLD exhibition in 2018. Japan international exhibition on die mould industry association by Japan, and get the ministry of economy, the foreign ministry, Osaka city, Osaka chamber of commerce, Japan external trade organization institutions such as the support.The exhibition is held annually in Osaka and Tokyo.But for 17 years, effect is good, the exhibition organizers decided to 18 years in Osaka and Nagoya held two terms, if Nagoya exhibition effect is good, after two previous games will be held in every year, every year the personage inside course of study from Japan and all over the world come to visit the exhibition and purchasing. This exhibition from China, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Britain and the United States and other countries and regions
  • 17 2018-04
    The standard requirements for processing high precision parts of the mould parts factory
    With the development of the market and the increase of demand, the demand for products is getting higher and higher, which is nothing but a good challenge for the mold accessory maker, changsha borun.At present, the variety of mold parts manufacturers and parts more and more, factory production of mold parts can meet the needs of the market is that we need to confront and question.So, what are the standard requirements for the processing of high precision parts in the mold parts factory? 1. Cold and thermal fatigue performance of parts. Some mold in the process of work is in a state of repeated heating and cooling, the cavity surface tension, pressure and stress effect, cause surface cracking and spalling, increase the friction, obstacles to plastic deformation, reduces the dimension precision, resulting in the mould failure.Cold and heat fatigue is one of the main forms of thermal die failure. It should have high resistance to cold and heat fatigue. 2. Strong and resilient parts. The working conditions of precision mould parts are very bad, some of them are often subjected to a large impact load, which leads to brittle fracture.In order to preven
  • 16 2018-04
    Non-standard mold parts purchasing instructions
    With the increasing production demand of enterprises, most manufacturers pay more and more attention to the characteristics and performance of products, and some enterprises' products have become more and more customized and developed.So now that is the custom, of course, inseparable from the non-standard customized professional equipment, and in this kind of custom equipment in use process, non-standard mold parts plays a key role, inappropriate if non-standard mold parts of choose and buy will lead to the size of the product, quality closes nevertheless, so that enterprises in the purchase of non-standard mold parts need to pay attention to the following these things. 1. Pay attention to the dimensions of mold parts. Due to the non-standard equipment are custom made according to the enterprise's demand, so some of the mold and its accessories are also not production according to international standards, but according to the specific requirements of non-standard equipment and products to manufacture, so enterprise want to purchase the good quality of non-standard mold parts, first of all need to be aware of is the size of the die parts to consistent and non-standard equipment, can be installed to the device in use. 2. Pay attention to the precision of mold parts. As the saying goes, "the big difference., accuracy is a very key factor, the enterprise in order to be able to ensure that produce products that meet the requirements, in the purchase of non-standard mold parts when we must pay attention to calculate good accessories required accuracy, and then to select the most matching based on precision non-standard mold parts to use.
  • 13 2018-04
    Automobile precision parts processing 7 technology introduction
    There are more than 10,000 precision parts of a car, and its parts are divided into two parts: frame, exterior plate, chassis, engine, interior, glass, tyre, etc.Every parts by different process molding, to assemble in the car, mold accessories manufacturers today changsha borun embellish together with you to get to know the car parts processing 7 big craft. 1. casting Casting is the casting of molten metal into the cast cavity, cooling solidification and obtaining the production method. In the process of automobile manufacture, there are a lot of parts is made of cast iron blank which accounts for about 10% of whole vehicle weight around, such as cylinder block, transmission box, steering gear housing, rear axle shell, brake drum, all kinds of stents, etc. Cast iron is usually made of sand.The sand - type material is mainly sand, and is mixed with binder, water and so on.The sand type material must have a certain adhesive strength, so that it can be molded into the desired shape and can resist the hot iron water erosion without collapse.In order to shape the cavity in the sand mold to fit the casting shape, the model must be made of wood, which is called wood mould.The size of the hot molten iron will be reduced after cooling. Therefore, the size of the wood mould needs to be enlarged on the basis of the original size of the casting, and the surface of the cutting process needs to be thickened accordingly. Hollow castings need to be made of sand cores and corresponding cores (core boxes).With the wood mold, you can turn the cavity sand mold (casting is also known as "turning sand").When making sand, consider how to separate the upper and lower sand boxes to remove the wood mold, and consider where the molten iron is flowing in, and how to fill the cavity to get high-quality castings.After the sand mold is made, it can be poured, which is to pour molten iron into the sand type cavity.When pouring, the iron water temperature is 1250-1350 de
  • 12 2018-04
    The 3D printing plastic mould is applied to the development of non-standard parts
    Tecnun is a formula racing team from the university of navarra in Spain, who is responsible for the design and manufacture of students' racing cars for international formula competitions.Usually, it will take at least three weeks for the aluminum molds produced for the car parts to be used in the traditional way. What secret weapon will the team use?The team began to contact the new technology, 3 d printing, due to the limitation of strict production plan and budget, has been testing a variety of other as in the past Tecnun faster and cheaper alternative to the increase of material manufacturing technology, to expect can manufacturing tools.However, it was found that the plastic was not strong enough to break during construction. After try, Tecnun team finally found the right choice - using Stratasys material manufacturing technology, the team can be in a few hours, to produce the key components of the car very complicated 3 d printing mold.Importantly, use the time saved in the process of production, the team can to further update the design iterations, and developed the 60% lighter than the traditional production methods of the final carbon fiber parts, thereby increasing the performance on the track.The key to success, says Javier Aperribay, technical director of Tecnun Motorsport, is the design of the intake manifold, which ensures that enough air reaches the engine cylinder and is a key part of the speed increase.Aperribay explained: "because of the intake manifold is composed of some important parts, these parts for the four is very important for the air distribution along the intake manifold, thus making intake manifold is extremely complex, our goal is to manufacture intake manifold in the carbon f
  • 10 2018-04
    Flat thimble is not wear-resistant and SKD61, SKH51, 65Mn material selection
    Often receives the client to ask about the question about the flat thimble: "how is your home flat thimble?"", "not durable?"", "high temperature resistance?"And so on...In fact, changsha borun small editor wants to say, the flat thimble that buy is not wear-resisting, also be not heat-resistant, easy to turn in the use process!To a large extent, it depends on the processing manufacturer and manufacturer of the flat thimble. Flat thimble is one of commonly used parts in plastic mould parts, flat thimble, also called the flat pin, push rod, ejector pin, needle, needle, etc., mainly used for plastic product ejection rod parts, and is the glue, elongated circle plunger cannot put down, we choose to use flat thimble.So, how to ensure the wear-resisting property of the flat thimble, this needs to be in the material of the flat thimble to choose up and down. Mold fittings factory changsha borun embellish sort out our several kinds of commonly used material when processing flat thimble, and their advantages and disadvantages, really solve for you in the purchase mould thimble products do not know how to choose the material of trouble. 1. SKD61 material. (it is divided into three categories: domestic SKD61, Taiwan nitride SKD61, Japanese vacuum nitride SKD61).Most customers will choose this material now, because of SKD61 material, has the high hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment, and have strong hardenability, good high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability characteristics, the commonly used material and mould thimble.
  • 09 2018-04
    In plastic mold, flat thimble is often used for material selection
    Flat thimble is one of commonly used parts in plastic mould parts, flat thimble, also called the flat pin, push rod, ejector pin, needle, needle, etc., mainly used for plastic product ejection rod parts, and is the glue, elongated circle plunger cannot put down, we choose to use flat thimble.So, how to ensure the wear-resisting property of the flat thimble, this needs to be in the material of the flat thimble to choose up and down. The flat thimble is the same as the thimble, but it is more stringent for the material requirement, because the processing position of the die flat thimble is thinner than the thimble. Flat thimble used is one of the most common material SKD61, because in plastic moulds, flat thimble processing environment temperature is higher, need heat resistant material, and SKD61 material can bear the high temperature of 1600 ° C, suitable for the use of flat thimble.When the hardness of SKD61 flat thimble is not enough, we can also make the surface nitride treatment to improve the wear resistance of the flat thimble.If SKD61 flat thimbus can not meet the requirements, it can also choose the skh-51 high speed steel flat thimmer, which is better than SKD61 in high temperature and wear resistance, and of course the price is more expensive. Plastic mould flat thimble despite part is standard parts, but most of the time are standard parts, mold parts manufacturers changsha borun embellish is commonly according to figure processing, material and size specifications and precision are processed according to cus
  • 08 2018-04
    Application of nitrogen spring in fine blanking die
    As is known to all, nitrogen springs can be placed in various forms in the mold.However, no matter which one we adopt, we must ensure that the nitrogen spring work is stable, reliable, installation, adjustment and maintenance as convenient as possible.In the fine blanking process needs a certain pressure to the ring gear, for separation of the parts are in compressive stress state, to obtain smooth section, it also requires nitrogen can exert strong pressure, to meet the requirements of the process.Ever on the single power presses to achieve fine blanking process, often adopts hydraulic equipment to produce power, likewise, in the fine blanking die used in the nitrogen gas spring, can not use a dedicated fine blanking press, in a single action press can be very convenient to obtain the desired tooth circle pressure, to ensure the quality of fine blanking parts.The nitrogen spring structure is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the adjustable pressure range is greater. Some designers will also nitrogen spring chamber design on the mold base guide post goods, so that you can follow up at any time need to adjust the pressure of the nitrogen gas spring, which is the pressure of the fine blanking gear ring, the relatively compact structure, which can effectively ensure the high quality of fine blanking parts, and it can be said to be the important trend of the development of fine blanking die today. Knowledge universal nitrogen spri
  • 04 2018-04
    Hardware stamping die maintenance instructions
    Metal stamping mould in use process need to timely maintenance to prolong its service life, in the process of metal stamping mold maintenance, with a focus on the metal stamping die structure within the inspection and maintenance of various spare parts, mould partsmanufacturer of changsha borun embellish that should pay attention to the following items: 1. After the mold is used for a long time, the cutting edge must be grinded, and the cutting edge surface must be demagnetized, which cannot be magnetized, otherwise it will be easily blocked. 2. In the process of mold use, the punch is prone to break, bend and bite, and the punching bag is generally chewed.The damage of punch and washers is usually replaced by parts with the same specification.The parameters of the punch are mainly working part size, installation part size, length dimension and so on. 3. Spring and other elastic precision stamping parts are most liable to damage in the process of use, and usually fracture and deformation occur.To take is to change, it is important to note that in the process of change of the specifications of the spring and models, the specifications of the spring and model identified by color, diameter and length of the three, only under the condition of the three are the same can be replaced
  • 03 2018-04
    Analysis of the cause of damage of stamping die and spare parts
    In metal stamping mold industry knows, in the production of metal stamping die, stamping die and parts often appear damage phenomenon, and increase the cost of production, product quality to drop, affect the normal production of the enterprise.What is the cause of the damage to the stamping die and parts?Next, the mold and accessories manufacturer changsha borun and you analysis: 1. in stamping process, if there is a mold strength design is not enough or uneven, die leads to bad, tilt, or there is foreign body between the template, and so on and so forth, will result in not flexible clamping, even jammed.If the mould processing cannot find the reason in time, the troubleshooting will lead to the damage of mold parts or stamping dies. 2. metal stamping die material and heat treatment process is appropriate for, had a great influence on the mold quality, if the stamping die quenching temperature is too high, quenching method or time is unreasonable, improper selection and frequency and tempering temperature can cause damage after mold in stamping production, metal stamping parts quality. 3. metal stamping die in the process of machining, if there is a foreign body into the stamping die, very prone to overlap parts, waste obstruction, etc, lead to die of blanking plate, punch, the damage of templ
  • 03 2018-04
    Double color mold injection molding machine parts maintenance attention
    Double color mould is becoming more and more popular on the market at present, this technology can make the product more beautiful appearance, easy to change color and can not spray, double color mould is two kinds of plastic material in the same injection molding machine injection molding, two forming, but the product of a mold, the mold only to extend the service life of mould, need preventive maintenance, mold accessories manufacturers changsha borun embellish is recommended to do so: 1. Do not "clean" the hot tip of the gate Not to destroy the hot mouth, please before taking action, confirm the mouth type of hot runner system, and ensure that all operators are trained, can identify themselves are exposed to different types of tongue. 2. Check whether there is any early warning signs of rust or moisture in the loose hole If rust or moisture is found near the vent hole, it means that the internal condensation, or the water pipe, may break. 3. The resistance value of the interaction check heater Should start to use the heater, measuring its electrical resistance, if there is a plus or minus 10% of the floating resistance, can consider to replace the heater, in order to make sure it won't be in the production process of failure at the critical moment.
  • 02 2018-04
    The punch head is easy to break, material selection is key
    As you know, the punching pin is the metal part that is installed on the stamping die, which mainly ACTS on the direct contact with the material, making the material deformation and cutting materials.However, it is easy to break the punch head, which is troubling many buyers.Then, as a manufacturer of mold parts, changsha borun said that to solve the problem of easy to break the punch, material selection is the key. Why is the punch head easy to break and material selection has a certain relationship?Because there are many factors that influence the use of the punching needle, although the material is one of the more important ones, it is not the decisive factor.Blunt needle is easy or not break basically see the toughness and hardness of the material in terms of material, in hardness, high hardness, blunt needle is more wear-resisting, but too high hardness with brittleness, easy cutting a crash.Heat treatment can make the material reach the phase hardness, but in order to ensure the normal use of the punching needle, there will be a relatively reasonable range of hardness, and the common material hardness is as follows: The hardness of 45 # steel is 40 - - 45 HRC The hardness of Cr12 is 55HRC. The hardness of Cr12mov is 55-58HRC. SKD11 has a hardness of 56-58HRC.
  • 27 2018-03
    How to choose the manufacturer when purchasing thimble?
    With the development of the mould industry, China's thimble manufacturers have also appeared many, and the distribution range is extremely wide.As a thimble tube buyers, are looking for a strong comprehensive strength, has a unique advantage of thimble tube supplier, then, next, mold parts manufacturers of changsha borun embellish to thimble ejector purchaser how to choose the thimble division tube to provide some Suggestions: 1. first of all, since it is mould thimble manufacturers, so there must be the direct factory, research and development team, production equipment and testing instruments, etc., of course, choose thimble manufacturers on the purchasing cost and quality control has absolute advantage; 2. screening process will have a certain strength of mould thimble manufacturers, many aspects of comparison and evaluation, including: production capacity, delivery capacity, product technology, research and development innovation ability, the internal quality control, product prices, the main source of customers and business coverage, etc., in the end to find out and his needs matching mould accessories manufacturers. Changsha borun embellish, as one of the domestic mold parts mould thimble manufacturers, with many years experience in r&d and production of mold accessories industry, at present, the business has in domestic large and medium-sized cities and some overseas markets.All our products, including the mold thimble, have been applied to all walks of life.As a result, these will be our continuous efforts of the power, and we will continue to improve product quality, on the basis of constantly develop new mold spare parts products, loved by the masses of customers.
  • 27 2018-03
    Who is paying for quality in quality?
    Yesterday, changsha borun received an inquiry for non-standard parts of the mold, because it was evening, and the customer submitted it directly in a message.Later our business according to the customer's product demand and the drawing to provide the quotation, said our mold non-standard parts price is too high!On this point, changsha borun has made a special reference to those friends who think the price is high and difficult to accept in the face of high quality products. First of all, changsha borun embellish mould parts all series of products: die non-standard parts, punch punch, thimble division tube and die springs are processed with advanced equipment at home and abroad, and then after more than 30 procedure for subsequent processing, to ensure the production of die parts with high precision, super durability of the product. Secondly, because of the high precision mold parts, then, on the production cost will be relatively higher, which is some customers said after get our quotation several times more than their original supplier.Here, we want to say that changsha borun is not a small workshop, our products will not be put on the ground or the market to sell.The mould parts we produce are to meet the industry market demand and responsible for the customer's product demand.Therefore, our product is expensive, but it is your quality, your industry market and customer products demand. Who is paying for quality in quality? Although the price is a little bit expensive, but always somebody knows the goods!Do you know who is paying for the quality of the product?Your competitors...Because they know that a high quality mold accessories products to the value of their creation is far more than the purchase cost!Do you know why competitors' products sell so well?Because they also pay attention to the quality of the product, never stingy pay for quality!So, are
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