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  • GM 10 Bolt 8.5" Posi Install "How To" Chevy C10 Truck - Eaton Truetrac


    This is the install video of an Eaton Detroit Truetrac limited slip/posi unit into my 1987 Chevy truck with a 10 bolt 8.5" Rear End using used set of 3.42 gears from a 88-98 Chevy truck. The truck has a 5.3L (325ci) Engine and a 4l80e transmission. =========================== PARTS LIST WITH LINKS: Please let me know if any of the links don't work and I'll fix them. Purchasing through my links below don't change the items cost, but it does help support my work here on YouTube. If you need the parts list for NBS 99-present truck, just ask in the comments. - EATON Detroit Truetrac Posi/Limited Slip Differential 10 bolt 8.5" 28 spline axle. FITMENT: 1972 - 1989 GM 10 bolt C-Clip 8.5" 1.20" 28 2.73 & up. - Differential Side Bearing Shim kit, Richmond. Says Ford on link, but It works; Ford 7.5 in./GM 7.5 in./GM 8.5 in./GM 8.2 in All Eaton differentials made for General Motors 8.5" and 8.6" axles require special bearings. For axles with small bearing bores (race O.D. or 2.89"), usually found on vehicles prior to 1999 (like the ones used on the '87 Chevy truck in this video), the required bearings and races are in the two links below. - Bearings for Eaton Carrier x2 (Older Small Bore): - Bearing Race for Eaton Carrier x2 (Older Small Bore): - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For axles with large bearing bores (race O.D. of 3.06"), usually found on vehicles from 1999 to present: - Bearings for Eaton Carrier x2 (Newer Large Bore): LM603049 - Bearing Race for Eaton Carrier x2 (Newer Large Bore): LM603012 - 3 qts regular GL5 gear oil Pick up at local auto parts store. No limited slip additive needed for the Eaton Detroit Truetrac unit. ============================== IMPORTANT INSTALL SPECS: - Ring Gear Bolts (reverse thread) Torque to 65ft lbs - Side Bearing Cap Bolts Torque to 60ft lbs - Backlash should be .005-.009 Pinion pre-load: - New Bearing 14-19in lbs - Used Bearing 6-8in lbs ================================= BURNOUT VIDEO KILLING THE TIRES HERE: Driving video of this truck with the WELDED DIFF doing hard pulls here: ================================= T-SHIRT ORDER INFO: Need a good quality wrenchin shirt? Get your official AGearHead4Life T-shirt here. Durable, thick and wrench time ready, no cheapo shirt. Ready for all your back crawling on gravel drive way trans swapping adventures. S - XL = $24 Shipped 2XL - 5XL = $26 Shipped Common sizes in GREY and BLACK are kept in stock. Send PayPal to: -Please leave your address, size and color of shirt you're ordering in the "notes" section of the payment. Thank you for supporting AGearHead4Life! Keep on Wrench'n! Mark =========================== Check out my other videos like this on my channel by clicking the link below:

  • Shipping container chassis , skeleton trailer container trailer manufacturer in China


    Brand new 20 or 40ft container chassis trailer Technology 1:Main parts of the trailer is processed with advanced equipment,the longitudinal beam is welded by a wholly automatic tracking submerged are welding machine. 2:The wheel axle is assembled by the special equipment, the wheelbase is more precise. 3:All the spare parts are treated by shot blast, which can greatly increase the adhesion force of the paint. 4:The assembled parts is first painted, then assembled. Container chassis trailer with 12pcs twist locks Allison Zhang Skype: fudengtrailer4 Whatsapp (VIBER/IMO):+86 Email:

  • 20ft skeleton trailer , chassis trailer , container chassis trailer , 3 axles skeletal trailer


    20ft skeleton trailer , chassis trailer , container chassis trailer , 3 axles skeletal trailer 1:Main parts of the trailer is processed with advanced equipment,the longitudinal beam is welded by a wholly automatic tracking submerged are welding machine. 2:The wheel axle is assembled by the special equipment, the wheelbase is more precise. 3:All the spare parts are treated by shot blast, which can greatly increase the adhesion force of the paint. 4:The assembled parts is first painted, then assembled. Please send inquiry to me Call:+86 (Whatsapp) Email: Fax:+86

  • An easy and reliable way to re-mesh screen frames.


    First, I apologize about how long this video is. It took longer to do this and video it than I thought it would. But, if you'll follow it through, you can re-mesh screens easily and get great tension on them with professional results. Second, this method is not for a large-volume frame re-meshing business. If you're re-meshing frames for a living, buy a professional pneumatic unit. This is intended for those (shops and individuals) who need to re-mesh a frame either to save the time of outsourcing the work (damaged mesh) or who don't have the space or money to stock dozens of different screens in the various mesh counts and would like to re-mesh frames, when needed, to provide the necessary mesh-count and frame count for a job. There are many options when it comes to meshing your own screen frames. Most of them involve purchasing special equipment. Some of them rely on special mesh pieces which must be purchased from the same company. These methods focus on generating income for some company, not yours. This method will cost you about $80 in materials (not including the work surface). With this method you can re-mesh a frame for about $3.00 each (about equal parts mesh cost and adhesive cost) and it will take you about 10 minutes to do each one when you start. After a little practice, I expect finish times to approach 5 minutes or less, if the frame is prepared ahead of time. Frame preparation is easy, just remove the old mesh (the ones I've done usually peel off once I get a corner started), rub down the frame with acetone (lacquer thinner may work better), lightly sand with a 180 grit paper and a wood block, then wipe down once more with acetone (or lacquer thinner). I finally settled on using DAP RapidFuse glue which I purchased at Lowe's. If purchased in the 4 ounce size, the cost is the same as purchasing the mesh adhesives sold by some screen printing supply places (per ounce), but is only 4 ounces, not 16, so you won't have to worry about it going bad if you don't use it very often. The adhesive can be placed in a freezer to keep it from setting up (I've had some in the freezer for weeks at this point with no evidence that it's changed characteristics). The RapidFuse indicates that it does not need an activator to cure and that it cures in 30 minutes. I'm not going to wait 30 minutes for it to set. I used an activator. The commercially-produced Titebond CA Instant Bond Activator worked well but at $10 for 2 ounces is more money than it's worth. Research activators for cyanoacrylate glue and you'll find that water or rubbing alcohol are used. Addition of a substance to raise the pH is sometimes done. I have used plain, reverse-osmosis water on a test patch successfully. I would like to try the alcohol as it has water in it plus some of the liquid is (of course) alcohol and will evaporate more quickly. Apply with a pump sprayer. I found some small bottles (maybe 2 ounces) at CVS for about $1.99 which work very well. The safety concerns here are these: 1) The RapidFuse and the Titebond Instant Bond glues seem to be much more aggressive than the regular cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) products I've used on other projects. I accidently got some on my finger and, just screwing around, touched my thumb to see what would happen. It took me about 4 minutes of soaking in acetone and working my digits to get them apart. I've done the same with Super Glue and had no trouble working my fingers apart without acetone. Be careful with this stuff. 2) The fumes are tough to take and plentiful. I would very much recommend that you have adequate ventilation when using the solvent (acetone or lacquer thinner) and the glue. Some type of nitrile gloves would be highly recommended, too. I'm not selling anything here and I'm not compensated by anyone; this information is intended solely to help others.

  • Auto Parts Prodigy Ford TRITON 3-Valve Timing Chain Kit with Tensioner Guides Cover Gaskets Cam


    Special Products LIMITED , Click here to buy now : SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON Auto Parts Prodigy Ford TRITON 3-Valve Timing Chain Kit with Tensioner Guides Cover Gaskets Cam Phaser Engine Variable Camshaft Timing Cam Phaser VCT VVTi Actuator Timing Sprocket Bolt and Gaskets --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Face Hobbing / Bevel Gear Technology


    Face Hobbing / Bevel gear technology Turn your INDEX R200 or INDEX R300 turning/milling center into a gear cutting machine. With this outstanding technology you can produce spiral bevel gears from the bar - completely in one setup (front and rear end machining). The proven R series platform, which combines two five-axis machines in one, is an ideal base for bevel gear cutting. Part of the INDEX technology package is a special control cycle. Using this cycle, you enter the relevant machine data and correction data for the toothing. The tools used are special INDEX cutter heads with carbide inserts. Where you have previously required a special gear cutting machine, you can now use a flexible turning/milling center for production of your bevel gears with a minimum of manpower. BETTER PARTS FASTER. Further information: Germany: USA:

  • Types of Gearbox in Automobile | Complete Explanation in Hindi with Animation


    A gearbox is a transmission device which is used between engine’s output shaft and the final drive in order to transfer required torque and power to the wheels of the vehicle, a gearbox consists of the set of gears( i.e. spur, helical, bevel, worm and epicycle depending on the types of gearbox used )which are arranged in a special fashion in order to provide required gear or speed ratios to the final drive of the vehicle, a gearbox usually comes with the specification i.e.5-speed transmission with a reverse, and an automatic transmission. Why do we need Gearbox? When a car starts ,the torque provided by the engine output shaft is not enough to overcome the weight of the vehicle which make it difficult to move the car initially, so to solve this problem a gearbox is required which can provide high torque initially in order to move the vehicle. When we go to the hill station it is essential that the vehicle should be equipped with device that can provide a wide range of high torque, to fulfill this need a gearbox is required so that a vehicle can go to the hills. When a vehicle is going at high speed, torque is not at all effective so a gearbox is needed that can also provide a high speed low torque ratio so that vehicle can maintain the high speed. In a race car continuous change of gears from high torque to high speed is there due to the curvy track so the race car should be equipped with a suitable gearbox so that shifting of gears is smooth and easy. Main Parts of a Gearbox- 1. Main Shaft It is the shaft used as an output shaft in a gearbox, this shaft is usually kept parallel to the lay shaft and in front of the clutch shaft or engine output shaft, the change of gear usually occur through this shaft as it is usually connected to gear lever. 2. Clutch Shaft It is the shaft which carries the engine output to the gearbox, the engaging and disengaging of the engine output occurs with the help of clutch. 3. Lay Shaft or Counter Shaft It is the shaft through which the output of the engine is transferred to the main shaft by the continuous meshing of a gear on the lay shaft to the gear on the clutch shaft. 4. Gears They are the connecting circles with teeth that rotates and meshes with another gear on the different shaft in order to transmit the circular motion between 2 different shafts, they can be –spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear and worm gear. 5. Synchromesh Devices They are the special devices used in modern gearbox (synchromesh gearbox) that makes the shifting of gears smooth by bringing the speed of main-shaft, lay-shaft and clutch-shaft at the same, they doesn’t have to slide over the shaft for the shifting of the gear. 6. Dog Clutches They were used in old gear boxes like constant mesh gearbox, to avoid the sliding of gear over the shaft for meshing or shifting. As they slide over the shaft in order to shift a gear. 7. Gear lever It is the lever operated by the driver to change or shift the gear, the movement of the lever is designed in a particular fashion. Types of Gearbox- 1. Manual Transmission A manual transmission is the types of gearbox used in most of the vehicle on the road due to its low cost. It is the type of gearbox in which there are limited gear or speed ratios i.e. maximum of 6- speed and 1- reverse is there, and the shifting of gears is a manual task performs by the driver by pushing or pulling the gear lever in predefined fashion. Manual transmission always requires the use of clutch. Types of manual transmission used since the introduction of the gearbox are: (i) Sliding Mesh Gearbox (ii) Constant Mesh Gearbox (iii) Synchromesh Gearbox 2. Automatic Transmission or Gearbox It is used in high-end cars due to its high cost, in this types of gearbox infinite gear ratios can be obtained by just pressing the accelerator, the driver just need to select the mode of the drive i.e. forward or reverse, park, neutral, drive and sport, and the required gear ratios along with the timing of the meshing is obtained automatically. Automatic gearbox doesn’t require clutch pedal, so all the cars with automatic transmissions comes with only 2 pedals. Types of automatic transmission used are- (i) Epicyclic Gearbox (ii) Hydraulic Torque Converter The wait is finally over. I am here with YouTube's very first Mechanical Engineering Channel in HINDI. In this channel i will upload videos related to mechanical engineering topics such as Automobile, Production, HMT, Thermodynamics, FM, CAD/CAM etc. So subscribe my channel and learn everyday Follow me on twitter: ⤵ Add me on Facebook: ⤵ Follow me on Instagram: ⤵ Contact me: ⤵

  • How to replace a front wheel bearing on MAZDA 323 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC


    How to replace a front wheel bearing / front hub bearing / front wheel bearing kit / front wheel hub bearing / front wheel bearing kit on MAZDA 323 F VI TUTORIAL | AUTODOC Top brands that produce wheel bearing: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE. On our website you will find a wide range of auto parts you are interested in: Wheel bearing: Wheel bearing for MAZDA: Wheel bearing for MAZDA 323 F VI: MAZDA Car parts: 01:09 — Use a socket №32 01:32 — Use a socket №17 02:54 — Use a socket №19 03:11 — Remove the thimble with a special puller 03:38 — Use a socket №12 04:22 — Use a socket №14 and a combination spanner №14 05:02 — Use a socket №17 and a combination spanner №17 06:17 — Take the wheel bearing boot out 07:12 — Use round nose pliers to take the locking ring out 07:38 — Use a hydraulic press to spew wheel bearing from the axle ► MAZDA 323 car repair tutorial — ► How to replace front brake discs and front brake pads on MAZDA 323 — ► How to replace Anti Roll Bar Link on MAZDA 323 — AutoDoc App — download the app and purchase car parts when and where you want! ❱❱ iTunes: ❱❱ Google Play: We hope this video has been helpful to you. Click "I like this", subscribe to our channel and follow the updates. All the fun is ahead! AutoDoc in social media: - Facebook: - G+: - Twitter: - YouTube: - Instagram: - Pinterest: Disclaimer: This video contains only tips and recommendations that can be useful to you in the course of car repair or replacement. AutoDoc shall not be liable for any harm, injury or property damage got in the process of repair and replacement due to incorrect use or misinterpretation of the given information. This video is for guidance only and does not guarantee a specific outcome. The user is personally liable for .incorrect or hazardous use of repair equipment, instruments or car parts. AutoDoc highly recommends to be careful and follow the safety rules during repair and replacement works. Keep in mind that exploitation of low quality auto parts does not guarantee the adequate level of road safety.

  • Alibaba Best Sellers Painting Platform Lifts


    website: EMAIL: manufacturer:Shanghai Success Construction International Trade Co., Ltd Shanghai Success Construction International Trade Co., Ltd. . is the special maker of power precision transmission products of gear racks, slewing ring bearings, safety devices and gearboxes for construction, engineering, lifters, lifting elevators, hoists, shipbuilding, sliding gates, auto gates, level-moving doors and machinery transmission. Our products are mainly exported to Malaysia, Italy, the USA, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Russia. We can satisfy our customers' needs well. We can produce products according to customers' special requirements. We are making precision casting parts according to customer's technical requirements. We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends in the fields!

  • Disc automatic polishing machine for special parts


    Specification 120mm*120mm surface polishing treatment of heterogeneous parts

  • Which Plants Use Budding?


    Html url? Q webcache. Organisms such as hydra use regenerative cells for reproduction in the process of budding. Grafting and budding are used as methods of choice to. Prepare buds while the scions are still soft and succulent during early season when bark is slipping. In hydra, a bud develops as an outgrowth due to repeated cell division at one specific site 30 jun 2014 grafting and budding are horticultural techniques used join parts from two or more plants so that they appear grow single plant is technique of propagation wherein the this trechnique most often propagate ornamental fruit types in. Plants used in budding types of plants fruit trees and ornamental freeplants grafting nursery crop. Graft the buds within 18 inches of main trunk for a successful union. Various techniques are used, mostly applicable to young plants in active growth with stems plant buds, such as the buds of flowers, trees, and scrubs, small, rounded, incompletely developed, dormant parts a consisting cells capable propagation certain fruit trees. Budding is an artificial method of asexual propagation in plants. Trees propagated through budding include dogwood, birch, maple, mountain ash, redbud and ginko 7 may 2015 is the art of taking a single bud from plant that you easier than grafting used quite often in nursery industry since reproduction asexual, newly created organism clone genetically identical to parent. Propagation by grafting and budding digitalcommons@usu. Googleusercontent search. How to propagate plants by budding propagation grafting and niost or shield aggie horticulture. Nc state extension what are budding plants? What some examples and how do types of plants used in example budding? is Crop farming. 1) propagate plants when relatively simpler methods read advice from rhs to find out everything from growing your own plants, fruit & veg to chip budding is often used for fruit and ornamental, deciduous trees read advice from rhs to find out everything from growing your own plants, fruit & veg t budding is used for roses, but is also suitable for propagation of many 19 dec 2011. Buds and budding plant buds structures, growth, potato, plants by grafting oregon state chip rhs gardeningcommercial rose youtube. Though perhaps a dozen methods of budding are used in special cases, the one by which millions plants annually propagated is ‘shield budding,’ so 29 jan 2013 form plant growth obtained grafting and. Budding and grafting are used for indexing the presence of virus disease budding in biology, a form asexual reproduction which new individual develops horticulture term refers to method plant propagation britannica test your knowledge science using randomized questions t or shield is special technique scion piece as with other techniques propagation, resulting plants clones fully dormant field grown seedlings that have slipping bark 7 jul 2004 between families different cannot be grafted successfully budding, use rubber bands disintegrate. Horticulturalist

  • Beauty Saloons Increase In Hyderabad | Special Story | V6 News


    V6 IOS App ► Download V6 Android App ► Subscribe Youtube at Visit our Website ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Google+ ► News, Official YouTube V6 News Channel owned by VIL Media Pvt Ltd. V6 News, a 24 hour Telugu News Broadcaster, dedicated to report news across Telangana and other parts of the world through live reports, breaking news, sports updates, weather reports, entertainment, business trends, exclusive interviews, and current affairs.The channel airs programs like Teenmaar News, Telangana Yatra, Telangana Shakam, Top News, Taara, Cinema Talkies, Janapadam etc’. Sports, Movies, Current Affairs, Technology.. you name it and you find it at the click of a button.

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